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What is Bump Steer?

Bump steer is the term for the tendency of a wheel to steer as it moves upwards into jounce. It is typically measured in degrees per metre or degrees per foot.

On modern cars the front of the tire moves outwards, as the suspension is raised, a process known as the front wheels “toeing out”. This gives roll understeer. The rear suspension is usually set up to minimise bump steer, where possible.

A typical value is two degrees per metre, or perhaps more, for the front wheels.

Excessive bump steer increases tire wear and makes the vehicle more difficult to handle on rough roads.

Solid axles generally have zero bump steer, but still have roll steer, in most cases. That is, if the wheels move upwards by the same amount, they tend not to steer.

Roll steer is an important part of the budget used to define a vehicle’s understeer, known as a Bundorf analysis.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bump_steer

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