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The Pro-Motorsports Ford Bump Steer Kit

Pro-Motorsports G+ Ford Bump Steer Kit

This bump steer kit relocates the outer tie rods down 1 inch and forward 1 inch. It is a must for competition and high performance street and track applications. Since it has to hold up to the abuses of competition use, it is made of the highest quality materials and made proudly in the USA!

The Bump Steer Corrector Kit when used with the Pro-Motorsports G+ Negative Wedge Kit produces the ultimate Mustang/Falcon front suspension. The Bump Steer Kit quickens the steering ratio by approximately 1/2 turn and reduces the Ackermann angle. This kit will help solve the bump steer issues you have in your Ford.


Where to buy the Pro-Motorsports Bump Steer Kit

Pro-Motorsports G+ Suspension

You can order this amazing Ford Bump Steer Kit on our safe and secure online store or by calling us at 801-563-1111. Order the Pro-Motorsports G+ Mustang Bump Steer Kit now!